Electronics Innovation

HIRE-1 Solutions is a progressive startup bringing Agile techniques to the construction of complex electronic and embeded solutions, with rapid turnaround of prototypes and demostration solutions. With a background in software delivery at milspec and commercial levels our approach will get you there faster and with less risk through rigorous risk management.

PHIRE-1 Solutions is a Research and Production house that Envisions, Designs and Manufactures unique products in the General Aviation and ICT marketplaces. Our background in Research, ICT, Defence and Aerospace provides a deep understanding of complex systems, both hardware and software.


At present, we are working on three unique products to meet very specific needs.



Latest Research

The Flight Watchman

The Flight Watchman is a safety enhancement device for pilots of light aircraft and Flight Schools. It is designed to provide:

  • Predictive guidance regarding the electrical system performance for your light aircraft.
  • Detailed information that facilitates postmortem analysis of flights for self improvement and flight school instruction.
  • Safe recharging your mobile device.