Emergency Services


PHIRE-1 Solutions Pty Ltd (PH1S) has several pilots qualified in flying the DJI M300 Search and Rescue UAV and we are available to provide emergency services assistance 24x7.  Our offices are open during regular business hours, and our after-hours contact is via our mobile number.

  • Office number:  02-8005-6749
  • After hours/emergencies: 0417-408-009

2022 - Flood Damage Western Sydney - DJI H20T Sensor

2022 - Flood Damage Western Sydney - DJI H20T Sensor

Security and Your Data

For all our Emergency Services Clients, security of data is mandatory, especially for those that require us to hold data for an extended period (e.g. before and after images, models and volumetric comparisons).  We leverage Amazon Web Services S3 Buckets for client data storage with client specific unique passwords for access.  We can provide a full range of associated security support services e.g. Virtual Private Clouds and VPN connections to ensure the security of your data both At-Rest and in Transit. Tell us what your requirement is.

PH1S is also able to provide pilots that hold Australian Government Security Clearances if required.

Complete details of the technology that we use are available on our Technology page.